Winter Share Registration is CLOSED

Pickup will be on 4 TUESDAYS, from 5:00-8:00 pm.
Delivery 1 – December 13
Delivery 2 – January 10
Delivery 3 – February 7
Delivery 4 – March 7


ORGANIC VEGETABLE SHARE: Each box will contain about 10  lbs of the vegetables. Shares may included: Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Watermelon Radish, Rutabaga, Carrots, Beets, Leeks, Winter Squash and possibly Broccoli, Kale and/or Cabbage.   Cost: $82 (includes $2 surcharge towards  Paypal and admin costs) Admin cost waived for FHJC members.

NON-ORGANIC BRIERMERE FARM APPLE SHARE (one bag of apples at each delivery) $26.

Add-ons: Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate from Equal exchange (delivered on Dec 13)

Grains , Beans and Flour (delivered on January 10 and March 7)

NEW THIS YEAR:  If you are absolutely unable to volunteer, we are offering a very limited number of non/volunteering slots. You may choose this option on the volunteer sign up sheet. You will be billed an additional $30.

VOLUNTEERING: Our CSA (like most CSAs) require our members to volunteer each season. We mainly need volunteers to staff our pick-ups on Tuesday evenings and to assist with truck unloading on Tuesday afternoons. You can choose either to assist with delivery (before the start of pick up, usually 1 pm), an early (4:40-6:40) or late (6:20-8:20) shift or to deliver unclaimed shares to a food pantry at 8pm.

Winter Price list

Vegetable Winter Share, non-members: $82
Vegetable Winter Share, FHJC members: $80
Fruit Share: $26
BEAN Share: $20 / GRAIN Share: $16 / FLOUR Share: $13
Bulk Beans $50
Bulk Grains $39
Equal Exchange Chocolate Bar Assortment – 9 assorted bars $30.50
Equal Exchange Coffee Organic Love Buzz Coffee (ground) – 3 (12 oz) bags of coffee $20.00
Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Winter Minis – 2 boxes of minis (20 minis per box) $10.00
Equal Exchange Organic Congo Coffee (whole bean)- two 1 lb. packages $18.00
Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds12 bars $28.00
Equal Exchange Organic Extremely Dark Chocolate 6 bars $15.00
Equal Exchange Organic Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt – 6 bars $15.00
Equal Exchange Organic Peppermint Tea – 3 boxes of Tea $9.00
Equal Exchange Organic Rooibos Tea Herbal Sachets – 3 boxes of Tea)  $15.00
Equal Exchange Green Tea Full Leaf Sachets – 3 boxes of Tea $15.00

Non-volunteer surcharge: $30 (three slots available)