Get Crispier Roasted Vegetables

Ali Siegel,
Here’s a tip from Serious Eats’s J. Kenji López-Alt that was so simple yet so helpful, we didn’t want you to miss it: The trick to browner roasted vegetables that are anything but limp isn’t a secret ingredient or special tool—it’s time.
It starts with the fact that high heat + dryer ingredients = better chance of caramelly, browned bits. And it’s employed on a cooking technique where caramel-crisp is what we’re going for. Kenji recommends you leave cut vegetables uncovered in the refrigerator overnight; by drying them out, you’re ensuring that they’ll brown nicely when you roast them the next day.
Leaving cut vegetables uncovered in the fridge overnight is an extra step that involves a little additional planning, but it will give you exactly what you were going for when you decided to slip some vegetables into the hot oven.

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