What’s in the Box – August 21, 2018

yellow watermelon

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – Also known as tomato candy they’re so sweet! Ready to eat when fully yellow!

Red Tomatoes – The secret to a good tomato is letting it ripen! This variety needs to sit out on your counter (in a dry spot) until the flesh turns a deep red all over. Then eat. DO NOT REFRIGERATE TOMATOES! It will cause the flesh to become mealy and the flavor to disappear.

Kohlrabi – Crunchy and delicious in summer slaws and salads. Please remember to peel and remove the skin.

Yellow Watermelon – First red, now yellow! These are fragile, so please handle them carefully. If they crack, you can still eat them as long as they smell good. (You’ll know.). Store them in your fridge!
Storage: In the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 5 days.

Cucumber – This is THE END of the cucumbers for the season. I hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as I have. Cool cucumber salads will be missed until next year!

Red Potatoes – There’s nothing better than freshly harvested potatoes. Their water content is high so it takes less time for them to cook. I recommend using them to make a summer potato salad!

Green Beans – We’re harvesting from a new planting. Summer growing is tough, so it’s nice to have these green beans to round out the shares.

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