What’s in the box – June 26, 2018

purple kohlrabi

Kohlrabi – This is the green and purple bulb with leaves you’ll find in your box. What to do with it? Anything! Just peel it first — the bulb is the part you eat, although the leaves are perfectly edible too. After peeling, I often just slice them and sprinkle with sea salt to enjoy raw. You can braise them (recipe below), slice and grill them (which I’ve heard is great!), add them to soups or make a slaw. You can’t go wrong..the flavor is juicy and sweet and mild. >>How to prep kohlrabi from the Kitchn

Toscano Kale – The perfect, sturdy kale for steaming and tossing with lemon juice, olive oil, fresh pressed garlic and sea salt. Simple and delicious!

Red Romaine Lettuce – Have you ever tried grilling lettuce? This hearty Romaine is perfect for it. Recipe below. Also fabulous in a Caesar salad!

Golden Beets – We all know about red beets, but these are special. They are very hard to germinate, so when they do, and we have enough to harvest for you, we’re all singing YAY!!!!! Beets are another two-for-one veg because the beet greens are super delicious! Cook them like spinach. The roots are great roasted or boiled and then sliced in salads or served warm. You can shave or grate them raw in salads. So sweet and tender this time of year!

Carrots – So good, just eat them as-is! Everyone asks about the tops. I personally choose to compost them. You can eat them if you really (really) want to.

Napa Cabbage – This is the perfect cabbage for summer cabbage salads! Try one of the recipes below.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked or Raw When to use: Within 5 days.

Blueberries – These are a treat! We buy these blueberries from our friends at Little Buck Organics, a family blueberry farm in New Jersey and put them into the shares for you because #1, we love blueberries and #2, we love you. So enjoy them!

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