What’s in the Box – November 14, 2017

CSA box 11-14

Nice Holiday Box!

Sweet Potatoes – 2.5 lbs of various sizes!  These are unwashed to maintain their freshness. Wash just before preparing.

Carrots – A huge 4 lb bag of our sweet early winter carrots!

Butternut Squash – A classic for the holiday table.

Leeks – The final harvest from this last planting

Watermelon Radish –  If you haven’t tried this radish before, you’ll be surprised when you cut through the skin!  These have become a staple on our fall and winter table.  Perfect sliced raw and sprinkled with sea salt as an appetizer or sliced thinly in salads. Equally delicious cooked, but note that the spectacular color fades when cooked

Collards – Another favorite on our holiday table.  Here’s a great NPR story on the southern tradition of collards for Thanksgiving.

Parsley – To add fresh flavor to all of your holiday dishes.  A must ingredient for stuffing!

FRUIT SHARE – 1 mixed bag of Bosc Pears and Jonagold & Granny Smith Apples

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