What’s in the Box – October 3, 2017


Red Radishes –  We’re so accustomed to eating radishes early in the season, but they grow well in the cooler temps and we thought we’d bring them back one more time in the fall.  This time of year I love to roast them in the oven.  400F for 15 minutes or so.  Toss with olive oil & salt.

Arugula – A larger size this week, so it’s bunched.  When it’s this size, it’s nice wilted.  Try the recipe with eggs below.  A favorite!

Green Cabbage – Green cabbage forms such a tight head that it really doesn’t need to be washed inside.  Just peel back enough leaves until it’s clean.  We munch on wedges as a snack before dinner.  Super simple sautéed cabbage (recipe below) is also a staple.

Cauliflower – We’re moving into the second planting of cauliflower.  Do you know why the heads stay white?  The leaves form a cover over the heads to shade them from the sun!

Butternut Squash – EAT THIS RIGHT AWAY!  We’re having some issues with squash storage this season, so don’t keep this on your counter.  Eat it tonight!

Collards OR Napa Cabbage – These items are in rotation this week.  Collards are best cooked or used as a wrap! and the Napa Cabbage can be enjoyed either raw in salad or cooked too!

Farmer’s Choice Item – It’s a surprise!


1 mixed bag of Empire Apples & Bosc Pears


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