What’s in the Box – September 19, 2017


Nicola or Purple Potatoes – The varieties will rotate depending on what you received last week.  Both varieties are waxy and great roasted or for potato salads.

Butternut Squash – These butternuts are wonderful in soup or roasted in chunks.  Try one of this week’s recipes.    Storage: On the counter. Uses: Cooked.

Scallions – For salads, soups or grilled.  Just great flavor and crunch!

Garlic – This hardneck variety is extremely special.  It’s the closest veg we have to “gold” on the farm because the seed is so expensive and we only grow a little bit.  Enjoy!  You can’t find this type in stores.

Red Kale –  The very best kale variety for salads because the leaves are so tender.  Also wonderful gently steamed and dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, fresh raw garlic and salt to taste.

Parsley – Brighten up any soup or salad!  Freezes very well just as-is in a ziplock.  I pull out a bunch and roughly chop it before adding to soups all winter long.

Green Long Peppers – ITEM IN ROTATION – Wonderful in stir-fries.  They also freeze easily. Chop and store in a ziplock bag in your freezer.

Red Tomatoes – ITEM IN ROTATION – These are in limited supply as we near the very end of their season.


1 mixed bag of Cortland Apples, Bartlett & Seckel Pears

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