What’s in the Box – September 26, 2017

bok choy

Arugula–  The picture above was taken this morning from Field 3 as we prepared to harvest arugula with our mechanical harvester.  The arugula leaves are very tender, so be sure to wash them gently and eat right away!

Bok Choi – A favorite of many….I’ve used it in stir-fries for years, but just starting eating it raw in salads and I love it!  It’s a member of the cabbage family so it’s packed with nutrients.

Japanese Salad Turnips – We haven’t had these turnips in the shares since June, so remember that you can eat both the tops AND the roots!  Saute the tops with olive oil and garlic.  Eat the bottoms raw sprinkled with salt, or cook them too.  You can’t go wrong either way.

Cauliflower – We wait all season for the cauliflower and here it is!  Do you know why the heads stay white?  The leaves form a cover over the heads to shade them from the sun!

Red or Yellow Colored Peppers – It’s taken a while for our peppers to turn from green to yellow or red in the field.  Patience pays off and we’ve harvested a few special ones for you this week!

Collards OR Napa Cabbage – These items are in rotation this week.  Collards are best cooked or used as a wrap! and the Napa Cabbage can be enjoyed either raw in salad or cooked too!

FRUIT SHARE –  mixed bag of Cortland Apples, Bartlett & Seckel Pears

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