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You are in the right place if you live in or around Forest Hills, New York and you are looking for healthy, local, sustainable, and organic food options for you and your family.

We are located at the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, NY, and are part of an international network of Jewish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs through Hazon, a Jewish organization dedicated to creating healthier and more sustainable communities. (Note that we warmly welcome both Jewish and non-Jewish members.) We are also associated with Just Food, an New York City-based initiative that links up organic farms with local communities looking to have access to sustainable food.

Joining a CSA has many benefits to both your health, your environment and your community:

  • You become more directly connected with the source of your food. You will have the chance to meet your farmers at our Meet the Farmer event in Forest Hills, as well as several opportunities to visit the farm.
  • In addition to offering you farm fresh food, our CSA offers fun and educational events throughout the season, allowing you to meet the other folks in the CSA and learn more about environmental, food, and Jewish-related topics.
  • When your food travels a shorter distance to get to you, it requires less fossil fuel. Less fossil fuel = less greenhouse gasses = happier planet.
  • Eating locally means that you are only eating produce that is in season. This is how humans have always lived up until the last hundred or so years since the advent of modern distribution and refrigeration. We’re just not made to eat kiwis year round.
  • You are forced to try new things. Instead of going to the supermarket to buy your produce, you eat whatever your farmer decides to grow. Whatever the farmer delivers, you have to decide how to prepare it. This is where the fun starts!
  • Freshly picked produce retains more nutrients than food that has traveled for days or weeks to reach you.

To learn more about CSAs click here.  To learn about the farms we get our delicious vegetables, fruit, grain, bean, and flour from, click here to go to Our Partners page.

Contact us with any questions! We hope to see you at pick ups on Tuesday evenings in the near future!

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